Don't for a minute change the place you're in

I used to write every day.

For YEARS. In my early twenties. I blogged my little heart out. Then I turned 25 and had a "real" job and had a serious relationship and I was happy.

I felt like I had nothing interesting to write anymore. I was afraid I couldn't write unless I spoke my truth about my day to day but that didn't work because I could only gush about my boyfriend so long and I feared writing about work for professional reasons. 

I gave up when it got hard. But that's not kind to myself and its not growth mindset.

What really happened was I was tired, and busy, and anxious. My mandate I'd given myself was to write every day but I couldn't keep up with that. I've realized that when it comes to something I care about, or I feel is important, I tend to shy away from trying if I can't do it in a way that I perceive to be perfect. 

Instead of focusing on maintaining a blog I did the following:

-went to a lot of therapy sessions

-learned to be *less* anxious

-grew up

-got engaged

-got married

-bought a house

And now! I'm staring down the barrel of 30. A little bit over a year lies between me and that milestone and I miss writing. So screw it. Here we are, a new blog for a new chapter. 

The truth is this:

This evening I took myself to the movies. Mav is traveling for work so I had no plans and deep yearning to watch Jane Fonda and company read 50 Shades of Grey. The movie was cute. It was sassy and fun but also had writing *almost* as bad as the actual 50 Shades of Grey book.

When Candace Bergen trilled out "She's tap dancing to Meatloaf, and she's pulling it off!" (spoiler alert someone tap dances to meatloaf)  I thought to myself, if someone can write the script for this movie and make tons of money, then I can probably just blog. 

No promises for what this will be, or become. But I'm going to do this for real.